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Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Every day, your tile floors break down from the daily wear and tear of life. Walking through the house with shoes on, dogs running through the house with muddy feet- it all damages your tile flooring. Scrubbing, mopping, and other DIY methods can only go so far. The only tried and true way to bring your tile floors back to life is a deep clean by a professional, like Steamex-Eastern.

Grout is a very porous material, meaning it attracts dirt and grime and absorbs it, making it extremely difficult to clean. Mopping floors yourself will only clean the surface of the grout, while a professional deep clean gets below the surface, acting as a magnet for the dirt and debris.

Since it is such a porous material, the grout can become dingy and discolored. Aside from deep cleaning, we also provide re-coloring services to help bring your tile back to life!

professional tile and grout cleaning

Our 4-Step Process


At Steamex-Eastern, we have crafted a 4-step tile and grout cleaning process that is guaranteed to make your floors sparkle:

  1. Our team of professionals will thoroughly inspect and study the area for any damage that may need to be completed by a tile installer. This includes cracks, missing grout, or loose tiles.
  2. After the initial inspection, we will craft a cleaning strategy specific to your needs. We will then apply the highest quality tile cleaner the industry has to offer. To achieve optimal results, we will heat the cleaner to fully activate the chemicals in the solution.
  3. We will carefully clean the tile and grout- being sure that no section goes untouched.
  4. Lastly, we clean the entire flooring with water heated to 230 degrees. Using our equipment to fully absorb all excess water, your floor will be left dry and completely spotless.

Our process and materials are the best in the industry. Though the DIY methods may seem like the better option, you’ll end up paying more and still be unsatisfied with the results. The longer you go without professional cleaning, the higher the chance of permanent damage to your floors. Put away the toothbrush and grout cleaner and see real results with Steamex-Eastern.


Why Steamex-Eastern?


When you become a Steamex-Eastern customer, you become part of our family. At the heart of our company is 100% customer satisfaction each and every day. Your happiness is our top priority because we understand how special your home is and as we work, we treat your house as if it was our own.

We keep our reputation as one of the top tile cleaners in Cincinnati by understanding the importance of detail. Everything is covered in our services- areas, history of areas, and specific customized needs. By focusing on quality work instead of how fast we can get the work done, we guarantee you flooring will never look better.

We’ve Seen it All


Our highly trained professionals can help you with any tile cleaning needs. Whether it’s been months or years since your floors have been cleaned, we can bring your floors back to life!

Are you ready to transform your home back to its former glory? Call us today at (513) 984-1738 for a free estimate!