Steamex-Eastern specializes in cleaning carpets and upholstery in residential homes and commercial businesses throughout the Cincinnati area and beyond.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati

Cincinnati Professional Residential Carpet Cleaner Steamex-Eastern

Cincinnati homeowners have been looking to home carpet cleaners in order to maintain their floors and rugs. Homeowners can be unaware that these home cleaning systems do not always clean down deep to eliminate most of the grime and gunk that accumulates in residential carpets. In addition, these home systems can leave behind large quantities of shampoos and chemicals that actually make it more difficult to clean carpets following this at-home treatment, as the carpets tend to collect more dirt and stain easier.

These at-home-systems depend of chemical cleaners and shampoo products to remove dirt remnants and clean stains.This technique does a fine job in cleaning away the surface dirt, but it does not get down deep as professional cleaning equipment is made to do. Additionally, these at-home cleaners can leave shampoo residue and potentially harsh chemicals, which are not good for your family members – especially children and pets.

Steamex’s Cincinnati-based professional carpet cleaning services are much better than these at-home carpet-cleaning machines. Steamex can get deeper into the carpet’s fibers with their professional equipment and their process uses nontoxic chemicals and shampoos that are safer for children and pets. This process reduces residue left behind and this will help your carpet stay cleaner for longer.

Steamex’s professional carpet cleaning system is advanced and has the ability to even the dirtiest of commercial and residential floors and carpeting of dirt and stains. This makes Steamex Cincinnati’s expert carpet cleaners! Their carpet cleaning equipment and processes will leave your home’s floors looking like new and will help keep them this way for much longer than self at-home systems.

Carpet Cleaning

By using their specialized equipment for their cleaning system, Steamex is able to offer the latest and greatest in residential cleaning! This cleaning system and process gives Steamex the ability to eliminate residue and chemicals that could be left in the carpeting fibers, something potentially harmful for children or pets. The power water washing helps remove stains and dirt in order to get your carpet looking back to when you first moved in!  This technique dries quickly so you and your family can get back to your daily routines sooner than with other residential carpet cleaning processes. Steamex Cincinnati can help your home’s carpeting no matter the size of the job – they specialize in carpet cleaning services to areas of all sizes – apartments, commercial spaces and residential homes throughout Southern Ohio.

Your home and business is your haven and you want it to feel, look and smell fresh and clean.  The team at Steamex Cincinnati has the equipment and processes to make this quality of carpet expectations a reality.  Over time, your carpets can collect dirt, pet dander and other types of allergens that can make your carpets grimy. In addition to dulling the feel, look, smell of the carpets, if not removed, these tiny particles can get into the air and can exacerbate allergies. Steamex Cincinnati carpet cleaning processes will leave your floors clean, soft and odor-free! Steamex’s industry-leading carpet cleaning processes will remove allergens and removes the dirt and grime that has dulled and stained the carpets. After the cleaning process, the carpet will smell better, feel softer and will look better so that you and your family can be proud.

House Carpet Cleaning

Each spill and stain on your carpet tells the story about your home – the spilt glass of red wine, the mud tracked in, or the puppy who could not make it outside. We all know that stain-removal products or regular sweeping or at-home cleaners can help but they are not the same as the equipment and carpet cleaning processes of a professional cleaner like Steamex Cincinnati. With their state-of-the-art cleaners, Steamex can remove stains, eliminate foot traffic wear and tear and can get down deep into the carpet’s fibers to get rid of allergens.

  • Carpet stain removal. It is always recommended that homeowners have guests remove shoes to avoid dirt accumulating and when stains happen, treat right away. In order to remove carpet stains, it is best to have a professional take care of the issue. With their carpet cleaning knowledge, equipment and stain removers, Steamex Cincinnati’s cleaning technicians can remove many stains that household stain removers could not fully remove. In addition, if a stain has been there for a while, the Steamex team can often lighten the look so they are not as noticeable!
    Carpet protection.  In order to keep your home’s carpet feeling, looking and smelling better longer, you can ask your professional carpet cleaners to apply a protector to your carpet. This will even help with your regular vacuuming and spot treating, thus making it more difficult for stains and dirt from accumulating.
  • Carpet deodorizing. Pet owners know that accidents can make not only your carpet but entire home smell. Taking action immediately is key. After soaking up the stain, be sure to call an expert carpet cleaner like Steamex Cincinnati. The pet odor eliminator process will neutralize the cause of the odor as well as removing potential mold or allergens that can accompany this type of carpet stain. Carpet deodorizing is a great option to bring your carpets back to that fresh scent!
  • Carpet Stain Removal. Noticeable stains on your carpets can make a homeowner unhappy with the look of their home and can diminish the feel of an entire room. We are not saying that you did not try to remove the stain but it may be in too deep for an at-home cleaner to work. Steamex Cincinnati is a professional for a reason. Between their state-of-the-art equipment for stain removal and their cleaning expertise, stains will be eliminated! Steamex professionals have encountered many types of stains and because of their experience, they know which tools and techniques will be best to remove them. If for some reason a stain is too deeply set in the carpet to be extracted, the Steamex team will make sure to lighten the spot so that the area is less noticeable to you, your family and guests. For more information on which types of stains are most easily removed and how, you can contact a Steamex representative to learn more.

The Importance of Regular Professional Residential Carpet Cleaning

Occasionally you can see the discoloration and dirtiness of your home’s carpeting but most of the time the fibers can hide soil, dust, grime and other allergens. Normal foot traffic in your home can rub this dirt and dust in deeper to the carpeting, where it stays buried and difficult to be removed by regular vacuuming. Most home vacuum cleaners are not built to extract this deeply located dirt. Having a professional residential carpet cleaner like Steamex Cincinnati ensures that this debris is eliminated from your carpets, helping not only the look and smell of your carpets, but also cleans the air quality of your home.

Steamex Cincinnati knows the importance of one’s home and having a safe haven for family and friends. Clean, soft and fresh-smelling carpets help create that warm and welcoming environment. Focusing on positive customer service, Steamex Cincinnati shares their expertise, carpet cleaning tips, options for pricing, and ultimately based on your needs, which carpet cleaning process is the best for your Cincinnati home.