Steamex-Eastern specializes in cleaning carpets and upholstery in residential homes and commercial businesses throughout the Cincinnati area and beyond.

Address: 11369 Williamson Road, Suite B, Cincinnati, OH 45241. Phone: (513) 984-1738

6 Questions to Ask Your Carpet Cleaner Before They Arrive

1.How much do you charge?

Our pricing is largely based on size rather than AREAS. We do this because not all homes are the same and to really be fair we don’t think we should charge the same price for say, a 20 ft. hallway that we charge for a 6ft. hallway. Many companies go by the AREA. By charging by size, you only pay for what we DO.

2. Do you move furniture?

Many of our customers would like SOME furniture moved. Others like ALL furniture moved. Still others just want what we can get at without moving any furniture at all. We strive to do “WHATEVER THE CUSTOMER WANTS” and charge accordingly. This we believe works best for both us and our customers!

3. Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured. Our employees are Bonded, and are covered by Workmans Compensation for any injuries.

4. Can I pick my time?

Yes! You pick the time of arrival, (2 hour window of arrival) and the date. If you need an EXACT time of arrival we can do this also!

5. Tell me about your cleaning process.

Tell me about your cleaning process.  Dupont, together with Shaw industries, make about 95% of all carpet sold under dozens of names.  They recommend steam extraction.  We only use steam extraction.  With over 42 years of experience, and the fact that our Cleaning Technicians average over 10 years of experience with our company, you can be assured that your carpets will not only be clean and bright, but that the work will be done with manufacturer’s guidelines.

6. How long does it take to dry?

All carpet is different. A thin low profile carpet with good ventilation can dry in as little as 1 hour, however high density thick carpet will sometimes take overnight. Yes, you CAN walk on it but best to limit traffic as much as possible until dry. Simply by placing a fan on the carpet, will cut drying time in half and sometimes even more!