Steamex-Eastern specializes in cleaning carpets and upholstery in residential homes and commercial businesses throughout the Cincinnati area and beyond.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati

Did you know carpet is the number one used flooring in commercial settings? Think about the last time you walked into a doctor’s office or conference room, did it have carpet flooring? Many businesses are turning to carpet for cubicle workplaces, offices, and apartment layouts. When wear and tear, dirt, spill, odor, and moisture challenges become too much to handle, call the carpet cleaning professionals at Steamex-Eastern.

We all know that stain-removal products, regular sweeping, and commercial cleaners can help, but they are not the same as the equipment and carpet cleaning processes of a professional cleaner like Steamex-Eastern. With state-of-the-art cleaners, Steamex can remove stains, eliminate foot traffic wear and tear, and can get down deep into your carpet’s fibers to remove allergens and the dirt and grime build up. Our cleaning process will make your carpet smell better, feel softer and look better so that you can feel at ease.

With a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, Steamex will provide you their expertise, carpet cleaning tips, pricing, and the best carpet cleaning process for your commercial needs. From office buildings and apartments to healthcare facilities and convention centers, we have you covered. As the leading carpet cleaner in Cincinnati, Steamex-Eastern offers a wide variety of commercial carpet cleaning services including area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, ceramic tile and grout cleaning, carpet stain removal, water extraction, and odor removal to provide businesses, large and small, with unmatched quality and service.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs are a great addition to your office, lobby, break room, apartments, and other hardwood areas. However, just like carpet, area rugs can collect dirt, dust, debris, spills, and odors very quickly. The Steamex-Eastern professionals understand the delicacy of your area rugs and are fully trained to clean virtually any area rug you may have.

Upholstery Cleaning

Does your commercial space have chairs, sofas, partitions or other upholstered furniture for your visitors or employees to use? If so, how often do clean them? Like carpet, furniture can easily collect dirt, debris, and stains. At Steamex, your furniture is important to us. We know that not all fabrics need to be cleaned in the same manner. Our Steamex professionals have the knowledge, training, and expertise to apply the proper chemicals to your furniture to meet and exceed your cleaning expectations.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Steamex-Eastern can ensure your ceramic tile, stone and grout are spotless through our four-step cleaning process:

  1. We thoroughly inspect for cracks or missing grout
  2. We apply the finest quality tile cleaner, properly heated
  3. We thoroughly agitate all grout lines and work in the cleaner
  4. Finally, we clean all areas, rinse them at 230 degrees, and then suction off all excess moisture leaving your tile almost dry and spotless

We provide you with a clean that is much more thorough than a mop, leaving your commercial space shining and bright.

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Removal

Noticeable stains on your carpets can make your business or apartment look unkept and unprofessional, but with Steamex-Eastern there is no reason to worry. No matter how many times you try to remove the stain, do-it-yourself remedies don’t always work. The trained professionals at Steamex-Eastern have the expertise, equipment, and chemicals to get even the dirtiest carpet clean. If for some reason, the stain is too deep to be extracted, the Steamex team will lighten the spot to ensure the area is less noticeable to you, your employees, and guests.

Minor Water Extraction

Leaking pipes, floods, and other water problems can lead to extreme damage to your carpets and padding underneath. Typically it happens when you least expect it and your reaction time is critical. To save your carpet from excessive damage, water extraction must occur quickly. The professionals at Steamex-Eastern are equipped with powerful, state of the art equipment to extract the water and remove excess moisture. By pulling back the carpet, the team can also dry out the underlying padding. If you have water issues, you need expert help, and you need it fast. Call Steamex to save your carpet.

Odor Removal

Do you have a lingering smell in your office or business? Whatever is causing it, the team at Steamex-Eastern is here to help. Water can creep into your carpet in many ways, and if it sits too long, an unpleasant odor can start lingering. This same odor can occur from any spill or stain that wasn’t attended to right away. Whatever is causing the unpleasant smell, Steamex’s trained professionals are here to help. By identifying the cause and condition of the odor, we can eliminate the odor quickly and efficiently.


Why Choose Steamex-Eastern?

At Steamex-Eastern, we specialize in making your home or business look clean, smell fresh, and be healthy for everyone. That’s why we focus on four types of cleaning – residential carpet cleaning, ceramic tile and grout, upholstery, and commercial cleaning. As an industry leader in carpet cleaning customers and industry experts agree – Steamex-Eastern has a reputation for award-winning cleaning services and a commitment to customer service.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With Steamex-Eastern, you can relax knowing you are working with a quality commercial cleaning professional and partner that is committed to a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Over 42 Years of Experience

With over 42 years of experience, you can feel at ease knowing your carpets will not only be clean, soft, and smelling fresh but that the quality of work will meet and exceed your expectations.

Flexible Scheduling

At Steamex-Eastern, we understand your business priorities. Our professionals work quickly and effectively while respecting your time. For your convenience, we offer evening and weekend cleaning.

Industry Recognized

Steamex-Eastern has earned numerous awards recognizing its ability to produce quality carpet cleaning services that set new standards for the industry. Steamex has received multiple Angie’s List “Super Service Awards” since 2004. We also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati as an Accredited Business.


Customer Feedback

Steamex-Eastern strives to be our customers’ best carpet cleaning service provider. Reliable. Quality. Friendly. These are just a few words that customers have shared regarding their experience with Steamex.

“Over 40 years ago you were recommended by a good friend, and it was one of the best recommendations we have ever received and much appreciated. You were always on time, friendly and did a great job. We have recommended you many times without reservation.” S.D. – Cincinnati, OH

“We so appreciate you. Over ten plus years, we have relied on you through coffee stains and dog accidents.” Cincinnati, OH.

For all your commercial carpet cleaning needs, call Steamex-Eastern at 513-984-1738.